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Animals that live in the wild have to hunt or search for their own food. Animals depend on plants and other animals for their food. The food chain shows how some animals eat plants and other animals to survive.

Grassland Food Chain
  1. Grass is eaten by Grasshopper
  2. Grasshopper is eaten by Frog
  3. Frog is eaten by Snake
Pond Food Chain
  1. Floating plant is eaten by Snail or Tadpole
  2. Snail or Tadpole is eaten by Fish
  3. Fish is eaten by Crane or Duck
  4. Crane or Duck is eaten by Human
Aquatic Food Chain
  1. Marine plant is eaten by Phytoplankton
  2. Phytoplankton is eaten by Zooplankton
  3. Zooplankton is eaten by Small fish
  4. Small Fish is eaten by Big fish
  5. Big fish is eaten by Seal or Walrus
  6. Seal or Walrus is eaten by Polar Bear
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