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Your body is like a wonderful machine. It can do hundreds of different jobs. These jobs are done by different organs and systems. The organs and systems perform different functions but they all work together. The brain is the control center of the body. It controls all the systems and organs.

The Five Senses
These help us to sense the world around us
  1. Eyes - The eyes help us to see something. They take an image and send a message to the brain and the brain tells us what we just saw.
  2. Ears - The ears help us to hear sounds from outside. The sounds are carried to the brain and the brain tells us what kind of sound it is and where the sound could be coming from.
  3. Nose - Many things give off smells, scents and odours. These travel through the air. The nose receives these smells and sends a message to the brain. The brain tells us if the smells are pleasant or not.
  4. Tongue - The tongue helps us to taste food. The tongue is covered with tiny pores which taste different kinds of food. We can tell if something is sweet, sour, bitter, salty or hot(spicy).
  5. Skin - The skin helps us to feel objects. Just under the surface of the skin there are the ends of nerves. When we touch something, the nerve-endings send a message to the brain. We can feel heat, cold, pressure and pain. We can feel if something is hard or soft.
The Systems of the Body
The organs and other parts of the body form different systems.
  1. The skeletal system - The human body has a framework of bones called the skeletal system. The bones give shape and support to the body and protect the parts inside.
  2. The muscular system - The muscles make up the muscular system. The muscles work with the bones to help in the movement of different body parts.
  3. The circulatory system - Blood is pumped by the heart to all parts of the body. The blood circulates around the body through veins and arteries. The vein, arteries and the heart, make up the circulatory system.
  4. The digestive system - The stomach and the tubes through which the food passes are together called the digestive system. They help us to digest the food we eat and to absorb the nutrients.
  5. The breathing system - The breathing system consists of the nose, windpipe and lungs. They help us to breathe clean air.
  6. The nervous system - The nerves in the body receive signals from the sense organs and take messages to the brain. The brain and the nerves form the nervous system. Nerves are distributed throughout the entire body.
  7. The excretory system - Through the excretory system we are able to get rid of all the waste products of the body. The lungs get rid of waste air, the kidneys get rid of urine, and the skin gets rid of sweat.
  8. The reproductive system - This system helps humans to produce babies. Males and females have different reproductive organs.
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