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Animals that live in the wild have to hunt or search for their own food. Animals depend on plants and other animals for their food. The food chain shows how some animals eat plants and other animals to survive.

Food Chain on Land
  1. Acorn is eaten by Mouse
  2. Mouse is eaten by Snake
  3. Snake is eaten by Eagle
Desert Food Chain
  1. Cactus or Date Palm is eaten by Harvester Ant or Blister Beetle
  2. Harvester Ant or Blister Beetle is eaten by Lizard(Iguana)
  3. Lizard(Iguana) is eaten by Hawk
Grassland Food Chain
  1. Grass is eaten by Grasshopper
  2. Grasshopper is eaten by Frog
  3. Frog is eaten by Snake
Pond Food Chain
  1. Floating plant is eaten by Snail or Tadpole
  2. Snail or Tadpole is eaten by Fish
  3. Fish is eaten by Crane or Duck
  4. Crane or Duck is eaten by Human
Types of Animals
Animals can be divided into groups according to what they eat.
  1. Herbivores: Plant-eating animals are called herbivores. Ex: Cow, Goat, Deer etc.
  2. Carnivores: Animals that eat the flesh of other animals are meat-eaters or carnivores. Ex: Tiger, Lion, Eagle, etc.
  3. Omnivores: Some animals eat plants as well as the flesh of other animals. We call such animals omnivores. Ex: Humans, bears etc.
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