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A Verb emphasizes something about the subject in a sentence. It may be used to express action, event or state of being.

Action Verbs
Action verbs describe activity.
  1. She ran to the field.
  2. Daron is yelling from his car.
Linking Verbs
Linking verbs do not describe an action, but a state of being.
  1. Mike was happy.
  2. My dogs are hungry.
Auxiliary Verbs
The extra words added to the main verb are called auxiliary verb.
  1. I have finished my homework.
  2. She has to pay for pizza and coke.
  3. I have a red bike.
  4. He has a red car.
  5. Joe and his sister will travel to Alaska.
  6. I am talking.
Compound Verbs
A compound verb is constructed with a main verb and one or more auxiliary verbs.
  1. They will meet us at the Starbucks in the Mall.
  2. The kids played and ate pizza at the birthday party.

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