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The word used to link phrases or clauses is called conjunction.

The most commonly used conjunctions are - if, yet, so, for, nor, or, but, and, after, before.
  1. Neither Black nor White
  2. Before she could get up, he ate his breakfast.
  3. If there is a penny in the purse, you will find it.
  4. Since May, she has been in California.
  5. Either cheese or butter can be used.
Coordinating Conjunctions
Coordinating conjunctions are conjunctions which connect two equal parts of a sentence. The most common ones are 'and', 'or', 'but', and 'so' which are used in the following ways:
  1. and is used to join or add words together in the sentence. Ex: They ate and drank.
  2. or is used to show choice or possibilities as in the sentence. Ex: He will be here on Monday or Tuesday.
  3. but is used to show opposite or conflicting ideas as in the sentence. Ex: She is small but strong.
  4. so is used to show result as in the sentence. Ex: I was tired so I went to sleep.

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