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Nouns are words used to identify people, animals, places, things and ideas.

Common Nouns
Common nouns are the names of everyday things like the following
  1. brother
  2. sister
  3. book
  4. girl
  5. beach
Gender Nouns
Gender nouns are Masculine and Feminine like the following
  1. boy - girl
  2. brother - sister
  3. nephew - niece
  4. son - daughter
  5. uncle - aunt
  6. bull - cow
  7. dog - vixen
  8. gander - goose
  9. boar - sow
  10. rooster - hen
Singular and Plural Nouns
Singular noun denotes one noun and plural noun denotes more than one noun.
  1. boy - boys
  2. book - books
  3. box - boxes
  4. door - doors
  5. chair - chairs
Proper Nouns
Proper nouns are the names of specific people or places and begin with a capital letter.
  1. Mary
  2. Michael
  3. June
  4. Sunday
Collective Nouns
A noun which denotes a set of persons, animals, or things is called a Collective noun. Ex: Crowd, Flock etc. are collective nouns.
  1. A group of people - crowd
  2. A group of sheep - flock
  3. A group of players in a game - team
  4. A collection of eggs - clutch
Abstract Nouns
Abstract nouns are the names of things you cannot see, smell, hear, touch or taste
  1. beauty
  2. pleasure
  3. sorrow
  4. relief
Compound Nouns
Compound nouns are are made up of two or more words
  1. baseball
  2. blackboard
  3. airplane
  4. seafood
Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Nouns like girl, pen, dog etc can be counted. We can say two girls or four pens or five dogs. However, we cannot count nouns like water, sand etc. We cannot say four waters or three sands. Nouns which can be counted are called Countable Nouns. Nouns which cannot be counted are called Uncountable Nouns.

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