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About Us is operated and owned by AA Tech Inc. AA Tech Inc was founded in 2002 by a management team with extensive management and technical background in HealthCare and Education Industry. Good decision making depends on a careful calibration of intuition and knowledge, qualitative information and quantifiable fact.

All of us are aware that playing is an integral part of childhood. Children love to learn while playing. Also we know that studying is equally important for a child. We have combined these activities of studying and playing together, so children can learn while playing. We know that Children learn far more when they believe that they are playing. It is evident that you learn while playing as you can see in Kindergartens who use this to a great extent.

We have worked hard to invent games out of any concept that we have come across. We have also created great games for all ages from children to adults.

Our Goal is to provide Education through games and help children gain confidence and skill. We strive hard to create unique experience for users in our website. We like to promote innovative learning experience for the user of our website.